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MyGUI v3.2.1 Released!

This release contain huge improvements in Tools and various minor fixes and features in MyGUI engine itself.
MyGUI switched from LGPL to MIT license for pretty much same reasons OGRE did a while ago.
Also we moved to GitHub and ready to accept your pull requests :) .

Main changes in 3.2.1:

  • Significantly improved and redesigned tools.
  • Some additional events (widget moved/resized, clipboard requested/changed).
  • Possibility to set fixed child widgets rendering order (feature is not fully completed).
  • Various fixes and additional API methods.

More detailed changelog.

2,087 Responses to “MyGUI v3.2.1 Released!”

  1. vkensou says:

    hope mygui support lua ^.^

  2. Lê Khánh Thành says:

    I love your works ! MYGUI

  3. xieyan says:

    Can mygui support Multi-Form?We use MyGUI in our project,but it can’t be used in two winForms…

  4. paradoxnj says:

    I hate CMake. I have the hardest time getting the libraries built using it. I follow the directions step by step and never once has it worked. Can you just make Visual Studio solutions? Binary distributions would be better.

    Also…why does MyGUI require the Ogre sources and not just the libraries. I don’t want to build Ogre with it, I just want to build MyGUI.

  5. Altren says:

    We haven’t made projects for visual studio and binary libs, because there are too many versions of visual studio (even versions with and without SP1 require different binaries).
    MyGUI does not require Ogre sources, so you can set path to Ogre’s SDK or prebuilt libraries.

  6. Prz says:

    I’ve got some problems installing this version on kubuntu. It seems like myGui can’t find boost. I haven’t found any solution for this. Could this be a bug?

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