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MyGUI v3.2.2 Released!

This release contain various minor fixes in MyGUI engine and tools.

Main changes in 3.2.2:

  • Fixed mouse events incorrectly going to the widget below the ComboBox when clicking on an item.
  • Fixed few problems with boost finding when building MyGUI.OgrePlatform.
  • Several other fixes.

More detailed changelog.

10,400 Responses to “MyGUI v3.2.2 Released!”

  1. 张国发 says:


  2. Luis says:

    Hi, thanks for releasing updates and bugfixes!

    BTW, I’m using 3.2.0 and I have a hack that I’d love you to include in the next release:
    A method in LanguageManager returning a string vector with all languages defined in .xml so, for example you can fill a listbox in a GUI to let the user change the language and add languages with no need to recompile the application.

  3. Altren says:

    Added getLanguages method. Next time feel free to make pull request at github.

  4. Luis says:

    Thank you Altren ! :)

  5. NaughtyCode says:

    Support mobile platform !!!!!!!!!!

  6. SZ says:

    Great library, but the build system is a mess.
    (Why do I need ogre to build this library, when I don’t use it in Ogre project? )

  7. Altren says:

    You should select different MYGUI_RENDERSYSTEM option, Ogre is used by default and you don’t need it for other render systems.
    3 – Ogre
    4 – OpenGL
    5 – Direct3D 9
    6 – Direct3D 11

  8. luis says:

    Hi again ! There is no automatic gray colour when a textbox is disabled… so I was going to set a gray colour manually in the text but saving (reading) current text colour before making it gray, in order to restore it when enabled again, but there is no getColour neither…..

  9. LuChao says:

    BUG Can not found resource under Linux.


    const std::string& OpenGLDataManager::getDataPath(const std::string& _name)
    static std::string path;
    VectorString result;
    common::VectorWString wresult;

    for (VectorArhivInfo::const_iterator item = mPaths.begin(); item != mPaths.end(); ++item)
    common::scanFolder(wresult, (*item).name, (*item).recursive, MyGUI::UString(_name).asWStr(), true);

    // FIXED! HERE
    for (common::VectorWString::const_iterator item = wresult.begin(); item != wresult.end(); ++item)
    std::string full_name = MyGUI::UString(*item).asUTF8();
    std::string temp = full_name.substr(full_name.length() – _name.length());

    if (temp == _name)


    path = result.size() == 1 ? result[0] : “”;
    return path;

  10. Altren says:

    Please report at github or create pull request, if possible.

  11. luis says:

    Hi ! is there any way I could contact you ? forums or something else? not sure if you are still reading Ogre addons forums…..
    I’m trying to load a .fnt font but it is impossible… I’ve tried tree different exporters with no look.
    I’m using MyGUI 3.2.0 version and the font is “Arcade.25″ i’m including .fnt, .png and .xml font definition for MyGUI if you have 5′ to take a look… thank you !!

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