MyGUI  3.2.1
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MyGUI::DDItemInfo Struct Reference

#include <MyGUI_DDItemInfo.h>

Public Member Functions

 DDItemInfo ()
 DDItemInfo (DDContainer *_sender, size_t _sender_index, DDContainer *_receiver, size_t _receiver_index)
void set (DDContainer *_sender, size_t _sender_index, DDContainer *_receiver, size_t _receiver_index)
void reset ()

Data Fields

size_t sender_index
size_t receiver_index

Detailed Description

Inormation about drag'n'drop indexes

Definition at line 53 of file MyGUI_DDItemInfo.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MyGUI::DDItemInfo::DDItemInfo ( )

Definition at line 55 of file MyGUI_DDItemInfo.h.

MyGUI::DDItemInfo::DDItemInfo ( DDContainer _sender,
size_t  _sender_index,
DDContainer _receiver,
size_t  _receiver_index 

Definition at line 63 of file MyGUI_DDItemInfo.h.

Member Function Documentation

void MyGUI::DDItemInfo::reset ( )

Definition at line 79 of file MyGUI_DDItemInfo.h.

void MyGUI::DDItemInfo::set ( DDContainer _sender,
size_t  _sender_index,
DDContainer _receiver,
size_t  _receiver_index 

Definition at line 71 of file MyGUI_DDItemInfo.h.

Field Documentation

DDContainer* MyGUI::DDItemInfo::receiver

DDContainer that receive dragged widget (container to which we want to drop)

Definition at line 93 of file MyGUI_DDItemInfo.h.

size_t MyGUI::DDItemInfo::receiver_index

Index of receiver container

Definition at line 95 of file MyGUI_DDItemInfo.h.

DDContainer* MyGUI::DDItemInfo::sender

DDContainer that send this event (container from which we started drag)

Definition at line 88 of file MyGUI_DDItemInfo.h.

size_t MyGUI::DDItemInfo::sender_index

Index of sender container

Definition at line 90 of file MyGUI_DDItemInfo.h.

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