MyGUI  3.2.1
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delegates::CStaticDelegateMYGUI_SUFFIX Class Reference

#include <MyGUI_DelegateImplement.h>

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Public Types

typedef void(* Func )(MYGUI_PARAMS)

Public Member Functions

 CStaticDelegateMYGUI_SUFFIX (Func _func)
virtual bool isType (const std::type_info &_type)
virtual void invoke (MYGUI_PARAMS)
virtual bool compare (IDelegateMYGUI_SUFFIX MYGUI_TEMPLATE_ARGS *_delegate) const
virtual bool compare (IDelegateUnlink *_unlink) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file MyGUI_DelegateImplement.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* delegates::CStaticDelegateMYGUI_SUFFIX::Func)(MYGUI_PARAMS)

Definition at line 43 of file MyGUI_DelegateImplement.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

delegates::CStaticDelegateMYGUI_SUFFIX::CStaticDelegateMYGUI_SUFFIX ( Func  _func)

Definition at line 45 of file MyGUI_DelegateImplement.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool delegates::CStaticDelegateMYGUI_SUFFIX::compare ( IDelegateMYGUI_SUFFIX MYGUI_TEMPLATE_ARGS _delegate) const

Definition at line 57 of file MyGUI_DelegateImplement.h.

virtual bool delegates::CStaticDelegateMYGUI_SUFFIX::compare ( IDelegateUnlink *  _unlink) const

Definition at line 63 of file MyGUI_DelegateImplement.h.

virtual void delegates::CStaticDelegateMYGUI_SUFFIX::invoke ( MYGUI_PARAMS  )

Definition at line 52 of file MyGUI_DelegateImplement.h.

virtual bool delegates::CStaticDelegateMYGUI_SUFFIX::isType ( const std::type_info &  _type)

Definition at line 47 of file MyGUI_DelegateImplement.h.

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