MyGUI  3.2.1
Public Member Functions
MyGUI::UserData Class Reference

#include <MyGUI_WidgetUserData.h>

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Public Member Functions

 UserData ()
virtual ~UserData ()
void setUserString (const std::string &_key, const std::string &_value)
const std::string & getUserString (const std::string &_key) const
const MapStringgetUserStrings () const
bool clearUserString (const std::string &_key)
bool isUserString (const std::string &_key) const
void clearUserStrings ()
void setUserData (Any _data)
template<typename ValueType >
ValueType * getUserData (bool _throw=true) const
void _setInternalData (Any _data)
template<typename ValueType >
ValueType * _getInternalData (bool _throw=true) const

Detailed Description

UserData is parent of Widget class. Used to store any user data and strings inside widget

Definition at line 17 of file MyGUI_WidgetUserData.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MyGUI::UserData::UserData ( )

Definition at line 14 of file MyGUI_WidgetUserData.cpp.

MyGUI::UserData::~UserData ( )

Definition at line 18 of file MyGUI_WidgetUserData.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename ValueType >
ValueType* MyGUI::UserData::_getInternalData ( bool  _throw = true) const

Definition at line 55 of file MyGUI_WidgetUserData.h.

void MyGUI::UserData::_setInternalData ( Any  _data)

Definition at line 67 of file MyGUI_WidgetUserData.cpp.

bool MyGUI::UserData::clearUserString ( const std::string &  _key)

Delete user string

Definition at line 41 of file MyGUI_WidgetUserData.cpp.

void MyGUI::UserData::clearUserStrings ( )

Delete all user strings

Definition at line 57 of file MyGUI_WidgetUserData.cpp.

template<typename ValueType >
ValueType* MyGUI::UserData::getUserData ( bool  _throw = true) const

Get user data and cast it to ValueType

Definition at line 46 of file MyGUI_WidgetUserData.h.

const std::string & MyGUI::UserData::getUserString ( const std::string &  _key) const

Get user string or "" if not found

Definition at line 28 of file MyGUI_WidgetUserData.cpp.

const MapString & MyGUI::UserData::getUserStrings ( ) const

Get map of all user strings

Definition at line 36 of file MyGUI_WidgetUserData.cpp.

bool MyGUI::UserData::isUserString ( const std::string &  _key) const

Return true if user string with such key exist

Definition at line 52 of file MyGUI_WidgetUserData.cpp.

void MyGUI::UserData::setUserData ( Any  _data)

Set any user data to store inside widget

Definition at line 62 of file MyGUI_WidgetUserData.cpp.

void MyGUI::UserData::setUserString ( const std::string &  _key,
const std::string &  _value 

Set user string

Definition at line 22 of file MyGUI_WidgetUserData.cpp.

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