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MyGUI 2.2.2 released!

After long time of active development we finally stopped adding lots of new features, improved everything else and made new stable release, MyGUI 2.2.2. It has lots of changes and improvements since the previous  2.2.0_RC1 version.

You can download source package here: MyGUI 2.2.2.

Here’s list of major changes:


  • widget hierarchy changed – style added:
    • Child – child widget, cropped by parent widget borders, no overlapping (used by default for child widgets)
    • Popup – popup widget, have parent widget, but not cropped on its borders
    • Overlapped – child widget, cropped by parent widget borders, can overlap (used by default for root widgets)
  • support of deattaching and attaching of widgets, possibility to change skin or style in runtime
  • added fast RTTI


  • new widget DDContainer – base class for all widgets that have drag’n'drop
  • new widget MenuCtrl – base class for all menus (such as MenuBar or PopupMenu)
  • new widget MenuBar
  • new widget ScrllView
  • Widgets tool-tip support
  • StaticImage animation support


  • new ResourceManager – allows to load user resources (for example ResourceImageSet)
  • new LanguageManager – allows to replace tags in layouts with strings loaded from language files, manual creating and replacing tags
  • PointerManager – support animated pointers
  • FontManager – support of loading custom fonts from texture


  • ControllerPosition improved, Jump move mode added


  • new resource type ResourceImageSet – used for group of images, with animation, loads through xml


  • new subwidget RawRect for direct access to quad vertices
  • new subwidget TileRect for tiling


  • all widgets-containers have Any (like boost::any) for storing user info about item (for example ComboBox items, Menu items)
  • config files versions in xml
  • two new themes for skin


  • BaseLayout – base class for layout wrapper
  • BaseItemBox – base class for ItemBox wrapper
  • added PanelView – made using wrappers


  • LayoutEditor – external resources support, several itnterface improvements
  • added ImageSetViewer for ResourceImageSet viewing


  • Demo_Colour – colour selection control, RawRect subwidget and colouring in text
  • Demo_Console – simple console implementation for changing some widget properties
  • Demo_Controllers – ControllerFadeAlpha and ControllerPosition examples
  • Demo_Font – truetype font generation with possibility to save into MyGUI font config file
  • Demo_Gui – demonstration of using different widgets and styles (something like Ogre Demo_Gui)
  • Demo_ItemBox – ItemBox, BaseItemBox wrapper, ToolTip, external user resource loaded through xml
  • Demo_PanelView – PanelView control implementation
  • Demo_Picking – widget with mouse picking creation
  • Demo_PluginStrangeButton – plugin an user widget
  • Demo_ScrollView – ScrollView examples
  • Demo_Themes – new MyGUI themes for skin
  • Demo_StaticImage – simple ImageSet viewer implementation

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